Conjuror Huw Llwyd and his Magical Books, Conjurors, Magicians, Wizards in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llan Ffestiniog Wales
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Title: Conjuror Huw Llwyd and his Magical Books

It is said that Huw Llwyd had two daughters; one of an inquisitive turn of mind, like himself, while the other resembled her mother and cared not for books.  On his death bed he called his learned daughter to his side and directed her to take his books on the dark science and throw them into a pool from the bridge that spanned the river.  The girl went to Llyn Pont Rhyd-ddu with the books and stood on the bridge, watching the whirlpool beneath, but she could not persuade herself to throw them over and thus destroy her father’s precious treasures.  So she determined to lie to him and told him that she had cast them into the river.  On her return home her father asked her whether she had thrown the books into the pool and on receiving an answer in the affirmative, he, inquiring whether she had seen anything strange when the books reached the river, was informed that she had seen nothing.  “Then,” said he, “you have not complied with my request.  I cannot die until the books are thrown into the pool.”  She took the books a second time to the river and now, very reluctantly, she hurled them into the pool and watched their descent.| They had not reached the water before two hands appeared, stretched upward, out of the pool, and these hands caught the books before they touched the water. Clutching them carefully, both the books and the hands disappeared beneath the waters.  The girl went home immediately. and again appeared before her father. In answer to his question, she related what had occurred.  “Now,” said he, “I know you have thrown them in and I can now die in peace,” which he soon did.

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