Another Story of Bird Singing Before Death, Death Portents in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Nevern Wales
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Category: Death Portents
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Title: Another Story of Bird Singing Before Death

In the Life of Tegid, which is given in his Gwaith Barddonawl, p. 20, it is stated:— “Yn ei absenoldeb o’r Eglwys, pan ar wely angeu, ar fore dydd yr Arglwydd, tra yr oedd offeiriad cymmydogaethol yn darllen yn ei le yn Llan Nanhyfer, boddwyd llais y darllenydd gan fwyalchen a darawai drwy yr Eglwys accen uchel a pherseiniol yn ddisymwth iawn. . . . Ar ol dyfod o’r Eglwys cafwyd allan mai ar yr amser hwnw yn gywir yr ehedodd enaid mawr Tegid o’i gorph i fyd yr ysprydoedd.” Which translated is as follows:— |In his absence from Church, when lying on his deathbed, in the morning of the Lord’s Day, whilst a neighbouring clergyman was taking the service for him in Nanhyfer Church, the voice of the reader was suddenly drowned by the beautiful song of a thrush, that filled the whole Church. . . . It was ascertained on leaving the church that at that very moment the soul of Tegid left his body for the world of spirits.|In the Myths of the Middle Ages, p. 426, an account is given of “The Piper of Hamelin,” and there we have a description of this spirit song:—| Sweet angels are calling to me from yon shore, Come over, come over, and wander no more.

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