Hares and the Legend of Melangell, Legends in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Pennant Melangell Wales
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Title: Hares and the Legend of Melangell

The pretty legend of Melangell, called Monacella, the patroness of hares, is well known.  One day the Prince of Powis chased a hare, which took refuge under the robe of the virgin Melangell, who was engaged in deep devotion.  The hare boldly faced the hounds, the dogs retired to a distance howling, and they could not be induced to seize their prey.  The Prince gave to God and Melangell a piece of land to be henceforth a sanctuary.  The legend of the hare and the saint is represented in carved wood on the gallery in the church of Pennant.  Formerly it belonged to the screen.  Hares were once called in the parish of Pennant Melangell Wyn Melangell, or St. Monacella’s lambs. Until the last century no one in the parish would kill a hare, and it was believed that if anyone cried out when a hare was being pursued, “God and St. Monacella be with thee,” it would escape. 

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