The Wybrnant Monster, Legends in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Penmachno Wales
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Title: The Wybrnant Monster

How could you die in three very different ways? Well the man who attempted to kill the Wybrnant Monster did…| Today a gwiber is known as a Welsh adder or viper. However, it was originally known as a huge monster snake which lived in Wybrnant, a valley near to Penmachno, in North Wales. Because it could survive on both land and water, it was able to kill the fish in the water and livestock on land. When the owners of the livestock attempted to harm the monster, it would turn on them and kill them. Afraid, the locals knew something had to be done, and decided to offer a reward to anyone who could kill the monster.| A man named Owain ap Gruffydd, who lived amongst the Hiraethog Mountains, felt brave enough to attempt to kill the monster, but before he did, he decided to visit Rhys Ddewin, a psychic who lived in the area. When Owain asked Rhys if he would kill the monster, Rhys replied, “No, the beast will bite you and kill you.” Owain was extremely shocked, but he decided to test Rhys’s predictions. He went again to him, this time disguised as a tramp. “How will I die?” Owain asked. “You will fall and break your neck,” Rhys replied. Owain went one last time to see Rhys, again disguised. “How will I die?” he asked once more. “You will drown,” Rhys replied. Owain had had enough. Revealing his true identity to Rhys Ddewin, he cried, “You are telling me lies! You have said that I will die in three different ways. How is it at all possible for someone to die in three different ways?” “We shall see, we shall see,” was Rhys Ddewin’s reply.| Ignoring Rhys’s predictions, Owain went to the valley to attempt to kill the monster. But he didn’t see the beast above him and it bit him. In his shock Owain fell onto a rock and broke his neck, before tumbling into the river where he drowned.| Upset and furious, Owain’s friends vowed to kill the beast and shot at it with bows and arrows. The monster was very badly injured and it disappeared into the river and was never seen again, but the valley still takes its name from the Wybrnant monster.

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