Another Version of the Yarn Test, Rhamanta or Omen Seeking in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Maentwrog Wales
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Category: Rhamanta or Omen Seeking
Sub Category: Courting
Title: Another Version of the Yarn Test

Two young men from Ffestiniog went to court two young girls in the parish of Maentwrog, servants at a farm called Gellidywyll.  As they were going towards the farm one of them said, “Let me rest awhile.”  He at once seated himself on the ground and apparently he fell asleep immediately.  This surprised his friend, but he was thoroughly frightened when he saw a blue light emanate from his mouth and he attempted to awaken the sleeping man. But he failed to arouse him as he seemed as if dead.  However, after some time, the blue light was seen returning and it entered the mouth of the sleeper. He instantly awoke and they proceeded together towards Gellidywyll.  At the very time that the man felt an irresistible inclination to sleep, his love had used the yarn incantation, and the unconscious man during his short sleep dreamt that he had seen his sweetheart in the window. The girl also said that he had appeared to her at the window.  In a few months after this proof of true love they were married.

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