Coel Ede Wlan or the Yarn Test, Rhamanta or Omen Seeking in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Unknown Wales
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Category: Rhamanta or Omen Seeking
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Title: Coel Ede Wlan or the Yarn Test

Two young women took a ball of yarn and doubled the threads, and then tied tiny pieces of wood along these threads so as to form a miniature ladder.  Once finished they went upstairs together and opening the window, threw this artificial ladder to the ground. Then the one who was performing the incantation commenced winding the yarn back, saying the while:—| “Y fi sy’n dirwyn, Pwy sy’n dal?”| I am winding, Who is holding?| This was done three times, and if no lover made his appearance, then for that year her chances of marriage were gone.  The next evening the other girl in the same manner tried her fortune and possibly better luck would attend her trial.  It was believed that the spirit of the coming husband would mount this ladder and present himself to his future wife.

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