An Alternative Version of the Evil Spirit from Llanfor Church, The Devil, Evil Spirits, Satan in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanfor Wales
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Title: An Alternative Version of the Evil Spirit from Llanfor Church

The alternative version of the evil spirit of Llanfor Church came from an aged woman, a native of the village, whose life had been spent among her own people, and who later lived in a little cottage on the road side between Llanfor Rectory and Bala.  Her name was Ann Hughes, she firmly believed the story, but she could not tell how long ago the spirit was driven out of the church, though she thought it was in her grandfather’s days.  Her tale was as follows: | The Evil Spirit was heard but not seen by the people, and he was in the habit of coming down the pathway leading from Rhiwlas to the church, making a great noise, as if dragging after him chains or wheeling a wheelbarrow. He went straight into the church and there he stayed all night lighting up the church and making a great noise, as though engaged in manual labour.  There was then a pathway leading to a row of houses situated in the church yard on the north side, and the people who occupied those cottages dared not leave them the during nighttime. In fact the whole village avoided leaving their houses during the night along that path, and every other path in the neighbourhood of the church, whilst the Spirit was amongst them, and everyone could see when he was there.  At last the disturbance was so great that the parson and another man determined to lay the Spirit and therefore one night they walked three times round the church, and then went into it. By and by three men were seen emerging from the church and they walked into the public house through the door that opened into the church yard and they went together into the little parlour.  The parson had already given instructions that no one was to come to them on any account, nor even to try to get a glimpse of them; but there was a man in the house who went to the keyhole of the parlour and, looking into the room, saw distinctly three men sitting round the table.  No sooner, however, had he done so than the parson came out and said if anyone looked through the keyhole again their plans would be frustrated.  This put a stop to all further inquisitiveness, and their deliberations were not again interrupted.| Ann Hughes did not know what plan was adopted to get rid of the Evil Spirit, but she knew this much: that he was laid in Llyn-y-Geulan-Goch, and that he was to remain there until a lighted candle, which was hidden somewhere in the church, when the Spirit was overcome, should go out.  Often and again had she searched for this taper, but failed to discover it, but she supposed it was still burning somewhere, for the Evil One has not yet escaped from the pool.

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