The Devil Playing Cards At a Merry Meeting, The Devil, Evil Spirits, Satan in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Rhuddlan Wales
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Title: The Devil Playing Cards At a Merry Meeting

It was formerly a general custom in Wales for young lads and lasses to meet and spend a pleasant evening together in various farmhouses.  Many kinds of amusements, such as dancing, singing and card playing were resorted to, to while away the time.  Once upon a time a merry party met at Hênafon near Rhuddlan and when the fun was at its height a gentleman came to the farm and joined heartily in all the merriment.  By and by, card playing was introduced and the stranger played better than any present.  At last a card fell to the ground and the party who picked it up discovered that the clever player had a cloven foot.  In his fright the man screamed out and immediately the Evil One—for he it was that had joined the party—transformed himself into a wheel of fire, and disappeared up the chimney.

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